Hard Floor Care Programs
Auto Scrubbing
High Speed Buffing
Strip & Wax
Mirror Image Tile Floors
Computer Generated Calendar Cleaning Schedules
Comprehensive Employee Training Program
Billing Options
Floor Crew Candidate Training Program
Hands on Training Unit Practice
Field Training Unit, applied lessons
Annual floor schedules for buffing, scrub & recoats, and strip & waxes
You can pay for floor services as they are performed or pay monthly on a budget plan for an annual schedule.
A customized hard floor care plan is often an integral part of your facilities maintenance. 

We can meet with you to discuss your hard floor care needs.  We will prepare a custom floor care proposal for your facility. 

Our floor crews are generally available on one weeks notice to complete floor work.

We guarantee the quality of our floor work.  Our satisfaction guarantee and  option price plans offer added value to our customers.

To get a quote or schedule work, fill in the quote questionaire on our home page or call today!    (651) 209-8370

We Feature:

Butcher's Floor Finishes and floor care products
Experienced Wood Gym floor Screening and refinishing Crew